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Jiesword is located in Longquan, the border of Zhejiang, Fujian and Jiangxi in the southwest of Zhejiang Province with beautiful mountains and rivers, China longquan have hundreds of years of history and Possess China's first-class swordsmiths with strong technical capital. We have been committed to the research and development of Longquan knives and swords, collecting the essence of our peers, constantly refining the art of casting knives and swords, and striving for excellence, constantly launching new products. Our products recognized and loved by customers, with the mission of inheriting and carrying forward Longquan sword culture, we are committed to creating high-quality Longquan handmade swords, and at the same time, we will pass on the excellent spirit of the Chinese nation with Longquan sword culture as the carrier to every customer at home and abroad.


On the battlefield of cold weapons more than 2000 years ago, the sword was the magic weapon to defeat the enemy. On the battlefield, the quality of the sword can decide the life and death of a soldier, and it is related to the strength of a country's military. It can be said that the sword was incomparable to anything in that period. In the era of cold weapons, swords appeared the earliest and disappeared the latest, and the equipment was the most common and had a great effect. So far, the sword represents a person's spiritual outlook, which makes its collection far more than any other crafts and commodities. Longquan was originally named Longyuan, named after the sword. In the Tang Dynasty, it was renamed Longquan. Longquan has also become the synonym of the sword, and the Longquan sword has become famous all over the world since then.


Longquan Jieswords are all polished by hand. A good sword often needs to be sharpened by the swordsmith for several days before it can shine. From raw material to finished product, a Longquan sword has to go through dozens of main processes such as forging, shoveling, filing, engraving, quenching and grinding. Longquan sword is known as "tough and sharp, combined with hardness and softness, cold light and ingenious decoration". Therefore, the Longquan sword, which has a history of more than 2,600 years, is a fine art. It is also the best collection and a gift.


Business Scope:

Professional forging all kinds of Longquan swords (Qin sword, Han sword, Tang sword, Ming sword, Qing sword, Taiji martial arts sword, etc., Han sword, Tang sword, Qing Dynasty waist sword, Miao sword, saber, Han sword, martial arts single sword, Taiji sword, etc.), Japanese samurai sword (Iai sword), Oriental knives, Japanese knives, Da knives, Tai knives, ribbed knives, Naginata knives, etc.), film and television equipment, sports equipment, various styles of cold weapons such as eighteen weapons series, etc., are all handmade.

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